HOME FUJIFILM Italia strengthens the sub-intensive therapy of ASST in Crema, with 15 new technological beds dedicated to the Covid-19 patient

FUJIFILM Italia strengthens the sub-intensive therapy of ASST in Crema, with 15 new technological beds dedicated to the Covid-19 patient

The ASST Gastroendoscopy team directed by Prof. Buscarini, together with Davide Campari General Manager Medical System Fujifilm Italia

It is in the moment of the most serious emergency, where team spirit and the communion of intent lead to achieve precious goals.

FUJIFILM Italia, strategic partner of ASST Crema, contributes to providing the hospital structure with 15 technological beds to be used for sub-intensive therapy, supporting it in its commitment to assisting and treating patients suffering from Covid-19.

"From 20th February, the Crema Hospital has changed its fundamental mission of responding to the general health needs of the community," explains Davide Campari, General Manager of the Medical Systems division at FUJIFILM Italy. "The original departments, with the exception of obstetrics and gynaecology, have been converted to the reception and care of patients affected by the Novel Coronavirus, completely changing their work. We were shocked by this situation, and at the same time impressed by the sudden change of mentality by the doctors and all staff of the facility. Almost in real time, the new patient was placed at the centre and all the health professionals turned to them, lending their tireless work. We wanted to be part of this team by making a contribution that we know is necessary to improve the approach to all patients who are afflicted by this new, horrible virus."
Fujifilm and ASST Crema are strategic partners in the field of flexible endoscopy, both from a technological and educational point of view; the gastroenterology and pneumology departments are equipped with cutting-edge Fujifilm technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of lesions, even the most early digestive and respiratory systems. In addition, the gastroenterology department is a training centre within the Fujifilm "Endotraining" international circuit, dedicated to specialist doctors, in the context of "Quality Gastroscopy".

Today, the two companies start a new path together. The 15 beds provided are specific for critical patient management – they are in fact equipped with technologically advanced devices to facilitate operations by healthcare professionals and to improve patient comfort. They are made of easily sanitisable and antibacterial materials and also equipped with electric actuators for independent movement of all sections.

The beds for sub-intensive care will arrive shortly and will be included in the Gastroenterology Operative Unit directed by Professor Elisabetta Buscarini:
“In the context of the serious present need, which has seen our hospital company engaged at all levels of assistance in helping patients with COVID-19, our department has also been dedicated to the sub-intensive care of this pathology from the beginning of the emergency. We are extremely grateful for this generous donation from Fujifilm, which has fully understood the criticality of the moment we are going through and has decided to support our effort. Thanks to this contribution, the hospital will be able to expand and improve patient reception, and at the same time, support more effectively the intense work of health workers and dedicated treatments. "